Oct-18, 2012

                                     Company re-enforces its commitment to healthy living through innovative home appliances

LG Electronics today ( October 17, 2012 ) unveiled a new line-up of home appliances aimed to promote a healthy lifestyle in the Qatari market, while making consumers’ lives easier and more convenient through its innovative product categories.

Amongst its new product line-up, LG unveiled the world’s largest capacity standard-sized front loading washing machine (Model: F1480RDS5), its low energy consumption ‘Clarus’ dishwasher, the world’s biggest capacity side-by-side refrigerator and top freezer (Models: GR-M337SGHN and GN-M722GPH), its Charcoal Lightwave oven, and an allergy free vacuum cleaner, the Steam Kompressor.

LG’s Front-loading washing machines consist of a large LED display, a capacity of 9kg and features new 6 Motion Direct Drive technology which combines the ease of machine washing with the care of hand washing. This technology is not only smart, but also green as well as the Direct Drive uses less moving parts and therefore less electricity. With LG’s TrueSteamTM technology, customers can enjoy the benefit of effectively sterilised, deodorised, and soft, fluffed up laundry. The built-in Allergy Care feature ensures that allergen debris such as mites, pollen and dust are removed, making washing more hygienic and friendly to allergy sufferers. On top of this, the product offers superior energy efficiency, 20 percent higher than on conventional A+++ rated washing machines, providing customers with extra peace of mind.

The LG Clarus Dishwasher features a 14ps capacity and low energy and water consumption and contains a number of features for enhanced dishwashing, such as its SmartRack, which offers flexibility and functionality by adjusting the baskets in the dishwasher to load various types of crockery and cutlery, ensuring the most hygienic and thorough wash.

Meanwhile, in terms of keeping food fresh, LG’s side-by-side refrigerator features a hygiene filter to eliminate 99.99% of all known bacteria, and Smart Cooling Plus™ technology, designed to maintain superior conditions within the refrigerator.

LG’s Charcoal Lightwave Oven boasts a number of unique features such as Charcoal lighting heater, Active Convection Control, Energy Saving High Efficiency Heating System, and a friendly user interface. It also creates dishes that are crispy-on-the-outside and juicy-on-the-inside to make mouths water. Using the Lightwave Oven reduces unnecessary salt and fat in dishes, while sealing in vitamin C and other nutrients to create healthier meals.

Finally, LG’s allergy-free vacuum cleaner features enhanced dirt compression technology to do more than simply capture dirt and airborne allergens. The products also ensure dirt is collected and compressed, helping prevent particles from escaping when emptying your bin, making dirt disposal clean and simple.

When discussing the new home appliance line-up from LG, Mr. D.Y. Kim, President of LG Electronics Gulf FZE, said: “LG has enforced its commitment to healthy living by taking a comprehensive approach towards the needs of our consumers. This is further reflected by our strong and dedicated research and development behind every product and appliance to enhance the overall quality of consumers’ lives through cutting-edge technology.”

Mr. C.V. Rappai, Director and General Manager of Jumbo Electronics, added “We have once again affirmed our strong commitment to the health and wealth of the Qatari people through introducing our new product line that encompasses state-of-the art, price competitive appliances designed to augment their lives and enhance their comfort. We hope that consumers and their families will benefit from this comprehensive collection that is bound to make a huge difference to an integral unit of every nation – home.

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