May-03, 2012

The new product line to further establish LG’s market leadership
across the premium 3D Smart TV segment


Qatar, Apr. 22, 2012 –LG Electronics (LG), a global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics, announced the launch of its latest 2012 Cinema 3D Smart TV line-up in the State of Qatar. Unveiling the new product line at a grand event held at the magnificent Marriot Hotel LG revealed the cutting-edge 3D bezel TV that is sized at almost zero mm, setting a new world record for the narrowest bezel 3D TV. The LG Cinema 3D Smart TV, being equipped with the most advanced 3D technology, enables a smoother and more immersive 3D viewing bringing a limitless world of 3D entertainment at the tip of your magic remote.

LG, which has established its number one position across premium 3D Smart TV segment as per data provided by GFK, a leading global market research company, takes the 3D TV user-experience to superlative levels. Offering expansive, yet easy-to-use Smart TV eco-system, the LG Cinema 3D Smart TV is composed of an impressive Cinema screen, wireless display, premium content services, over 1,200 Smart TV apps globally and Magic Remote. The new line-up also features Dual Play function for gamers and an expansive selection of 3D movies, sports and games, offering a world of 3D waiting to be discovered through LG’s 3D World.

At the launch of LG’s 2012 3D Smart TV line-up, Mr. D.Y. Kim , President of LG Electronics, Gulf FZE, said: “The new 3DSmart TV line-up endorses our endeavor to bring the biggest innovations that technology has to offer today. We have avidly explored the model of Smart TV to create a product that offers a superlative TV viewing experience, offering useful, easy-to-use TV apps and premium content. With a world record for narrowest bezel 3D TV, the product is not only stylish in its design, but breaks boundaries in quality and content as well.”

“LG’s quality innovations and growing market share have ensured its position as number one across the premium 3D Smart TV segment. With the new Smart TV line up, we are certain that our growth would continue on the upward ladder, further strengthening our already established leadership position in this segment globally,” Mr. Kim added.

Speaking at the event,Director and General Manager of Jumbo Electronics, Mr. C.V. Rappai, said that the launch’ success convincingly reiterated LG’s unrivalled position as the No.1 leader in the TV segment and would allow the company to increase its overall market share in Qatar opening the way for additional thousands to enjoy the benefits of ‘smart’ technology in the near future.

The new 2012 CINEMA 3D SMART TV SERIES is available throughout Qatar in all leading hypermarkets and retail stores for customers to own.

Entertainment turns larger than life with LG’s 2012 Cinema 3D Smart TV. LG Cinema 3D meets a wider and ever-expanding world of 3D entertainment at the tip of your remote. Offering simple control over your home entertainment experience, the main features of the LG Cinema 3D Smart TV include:

  • Cinema Screen: Leveraging upon LG’s state-of-the-art display technology, LG has reduced the width of the bezel to insignificantlevels, to almost zero bezel. By doing so, physical obstructions have been removed to deliver ultimate simplicity and most immersive Cinema 3D viewing experience reminiscent of an actual movie cinema.
  • Magic Remote: LG’s Smart TV remains easy to use, thanks to the enhancements in the Magic Remote, an all-in-one device that combines the functions of Pointing, Gesture and Wheel  the most conventional and advanced TV remote among others.
  • 3D World: provides access to a constantly growing library of 3D movies, games, sports and TV shows at the tip of one’s remote.
  • 3D Depth Control: A new 3D visual technology that lets users adjust the depth, or the distance between the on-screen objects, of a 3D movie or TV show they are watching.
  • 3D Sound Zooming: Immersive 3D experience is accompanied by 3D Sound Zooming which generates a 3D sound that is synchronized with the displayed 3D content, allowing users to not only see, but also hear in 3D.
  • Dual Play function: for gamers, LG allows dual-player games to be played on a Cinema 3D Smart TV without having to split the screen.
  • Wireless Display: The new Cinema 3D Smart TVs offer a variety of connectivity features. The newest among them is Wireless Display, which enables easy and quick connection between TV and personal computer (PC) with Intel’s WiDi Technology.
  • 2D to 3D conversion engine converts all existing 2D movies and TV shows into 3D.

Whether 3D or Smart TV, LG’s 2012 Cinema 3D Smart TVs offer the best in terms of quality as well as user convenience and experience.


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