Jan-19, 2015

Upgrade to the new Lollipop OS on your G3

In keeping with its promise to provide its customers with the latest in technological advancements, LG electronics has announced that customers in Qatar can now upgrade their G3 to the latest android operating system, Lollipop 5.0 using the LG mobile support tool. This tool can be downloaded to a PC and the upgrade can be done by connecting the phone to the PC using a USB cable. Detailed steps can be followed from this link  Over the air update (OTA) is also available now , just go to update center and check for software update.

Lollipop brings with it Google’s new design language called ‘Material Design’. It's exciting because it makes Android look modern, slick and cool. But it will also add a feeling of simple pace to the interface.

Android L will also make notifications useful. For starters you can now get them on the lock screen. And they will be automatically ordered in priority. While you will still be able to swipe away notifications, you will now be able to double tap to open the relevant app and respond to a notification. So rather than having to open up your phone and then the app, find the message and type out the response, you can get straight to it.

This and many more features await you when you upgrade to the new Lollipop OS on your G3.

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