Feb-17, 2014

The annual regional gathering of the LG Distributors in the Middle East & African Region was held recently in Istanbul. Titled “LG InnoFest 2014 / MMC” it was a platform for mutual understanding, strategizing for future and for building one team spirit. It was also an opportunity to Recognize & Celebrate the achievements throughout the year. Participants at the “LG InnoFest 2014 / MMC” experienced LG’s true product leadership through the most up-to-date products with cutting-edge technology presented. All business units in attendance had an opportunity to share their strategies and aspirations for 2014.

Various “Best Practices” within the MEA region were also shared providing constructive benchmarks and the Top Performers in the region were duly recognized. The highest ranking for LGME Service Performance Award the year 2013 titled  “The High Merit Company” was received by Video Home & Jumbo Electronics Qatar. The award was presented by Mr.Kevin Cha – President of LG Electronics Middle East & Africa Region) and was received by Mr.C.V.Rappai – CEO & Mr.Mohammed Anis – GM of Jumbo Electronics – the sole distributors for LG in Qatar. It is unique that  Jumbo Electronics Qatar headed the top performers position almost every month in 2013 as per the LGEME Service Evaluation for MEA Distributors.

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