Service Campaign

Blu-ray Training
Blu-ray Training
BB TV Training to Show room & Service staff
BB TV Training to Show room & Service staff
Merchandiser Training
Merchandiser Training
Time Management Training - AVSC Satff
Time Management Training - AVSC Satff
Team Building Training
AVSC’s completed in-house training module “LED / LCD Training” facilitated to sales showroom personnel
Training on LG Titan Air conditioners for Show room Sales Team & Hyper Market Sales Team
Technical Training on LG Home Theatre & LG Audio conducted for sales staff.
Training program to Employees
Mr. M.N. Vinod Service Engineer/Mirc Electronics Ltd, Dubai. U.A.E. had visited and conducted two days (18.03.2009 & 19.03.2009) training program to Employees in the following areas:

Day 01: 18.03.2009: 09:30 AM- 07:00 PM:

Topics Covered:
  • High end display products technology.
  • LCD technology - Theory
  • Plasma technology - Theory.
  • Terms and definitions in LCD & Plasma displays.
  • Types of display panels available and application.
  • Hands on training on LCD T.V's repairs using a 32" LCD T.V.
  • Identification of major boards in LCD T.V.
  • Testing and trouble shooting of LCD T.V.
  • Board identification and replacement in LCD T.V.
  • New models introduction.
  • Training of features in new models.
  • Written test for technicians on training
Day 02: 19.03.2009: 09:00 AM- 03:00 PM:

Topics Covered:
  • CRT televisions new models introduction.
  • Microwave new models introduction.
  • Testing & troubleshooting of Ultra slim CRT T.V's.
  • Symptoms and repair techniques in Ultra slim CRT T.V's.
  • Hands on training of ultra slim CRT T.V's
  • Hands on training of Black beauty Microwave oven.
  • Training of features in ultra slim CRT T.V's
  • Testing and trouble shooting of black beauty microwave oven.
  • Identification of damages do to misuse.
  • Common symptoms and repair techniques in microwave ovens.
  • Training of features in black beauty microwave oven.
  • Written test for technicians on training

Open forum.
Vote of thanks.
Group photo session.
MPS / Multi V Training
Mr. Ashok – CAC Training Manager/ LG ME &A had visited and conducted two days (02.02.2009 & 03.02.2009) training program to Employees in the following areas:

Day 01: 02.02.2008: 09:30 AM- 05:00 PM:

Topics Covered:
  • MPS Definition
  • MPS- Working Principles
  • Nomenclature of Units
  • Model Selection. (0 & 1 Series).
  • Branch Distributor and its types
  • Electrical Connection
  • Testing and commissioning Tips and Technique.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Error Codes.
  • Multi V Installation Movie.
  • Definition of Multi V.
  • Advantage of Multi V & Capacities of Multi V.
  • Working Cycles of Multi V.
  • Major Components on Multi V
  • Types of Sensors and its positioning on the units
  • Cool and Heat Modes.
  • Multi V related software.
  • Setting the DP switches.
  • Selection of Master and Slave units.
  • Auto Addressing.
  • Test Run.
  • Auto Recharges and Pump out and Pump In.
Day 02: 03.02.2008: 09:30 AM- 05:00 PM:

Topics Covered:
  • Y Branches and Header types.
  • Gas piping, Electrical, Communication wiring and Plumbing connection.
  • Good & Bad installations sample photos.
  • LG MV software and data records.
  • Testing and commissioning Tips and Technique.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Error Codes.
  • Written Tests
  • Open Discussion.
  • Vote of Thanks.
  • Group Photos,
  • Site Visits to Al Kazem’s Project
Demand Service in 48 hours
Terms & Conditions:
  • Service Assurance is exclusive only for LG products
  • Service Assurance is applicable for all complaints which can be solved at customer’s premise.
  • Service Assurance is limited only to individual customer complaints with 3 maximum units covered only.
  • Service Assurance is limited to units less than 4 years old.
  • Service Assurance is applicable only for Labor charges. Any parts used for repair, expenses shall be borne by customer.
  • Service Assurance Warranty Customer’s warranty of the machine is extended by 3 Months.
  • Service Assurance : Not applicable for cases were we have provided standby unit
  • Service Assurance: Applicable only for Estimate approved cases
A Free Service Campaign was conducted from: 17th February,2007 to 23rd February 2007 for the below mentioned Products:
  • Window Air conditioners.
  • Split Air Conditioners.
  • Washing Machine.
  • Refrigerators.
The highlights of the Campaign were:
  • Free labor and Spare parts for Warranty Units.
  • Free Labor charge and 25 % Off on Spare parts for Non Warranty Units.
  • Focused for Individual Customers ( Excluded Projects).
Activities held during the campaign are as follows;
  • Advertisement in the media for Four Continuous day in English & Arabic Dailies
  • Posters displayed in Major Showrooms and Service Centers
  • Specific Team with Specific job role assigned
  • Different gifts presented to the customers
  • Feedback from the customers
The Benefits of the campaign were:
  • Free Service CAMPAGIN a great Success
  • Good Brand Building exercise.
  • Good opportunity to share our Service Commitments.
  • Preventive actions against summer.
  • Valuable feedbacks from Customers.
  • We cared for the customers.

300 customers received the gifts

Customer feedback

14 pair of teams were dedicated for this activity for seven days


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